The College of Nursing, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Paramedical Sciences
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Medical Surgical & Nursing Foundations Lab

Medical Surgical & Nursing Foundations LabMedical Surgical & Nursing Foundations Lab is spacious and well equipped with articles like procedure dummies, CPR manikin, instruments and teaching aids to meet the needs of students to practice various procedures at different levels. The Lab is designed to motivate the students to keep in pace with current trends in health care arena. It has good ventilation, hand washing and storage facilities

Child Health Nursing Lab

Child Health Nursing LabThe Child Health Nursing lab is equipped with articles like infant weighing scale and infantometer. Charts and models are displayed about disease conditions, growth and development, child rights, fetal development, breast feeding and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Play items appropriate for each age group are displayed. A baby manikin is available with all accessories to practice cardio pulmonary resuscitation


Nutrition Lab

Nutrition LabNutrition Laboratory is spacious and well equipped with a centralized gas line and fire extinguisher for safety. It has all modern cooking items like microwave oven, cookers, mixer grinders, serving utensils, and refrigerator etc., Students are enriched with all aspects of practical knowledge during practical sessions


Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing Lab

Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing Lab OBG Lab is well equipped to cater the needs of nursing students and help them to practice different procedures. It has various simulation aids such as delivery model, pelvis, fetal skull and instruments to promote integration of theory into practice. Regular pre-clinical demonstrations and return demonstrations are scheduled for the students


Community Health Nursing Lab

Community Health Nursing LabCommunity Health Nursing Lab is equipped with educational materials, records, registers and reports, models, first aid kits and home visit kits to meet the practical needs of undergraduate and post graduate students. This lab gives a conducive environment for the learners to gain knowledge and hence forth apply that into practical setting

Mental Health Nursing Lab

Mental Health Nursing Lab is equipped with assessment tools for intelligence, personality, attention and concentration which are frequently used by the students in the Psychiatric Unit. The Lab consist of pass along test box, recall and recognition box and posters on psychiatric emergencies, management of bipolar disorders and biochemical changes in schizophrenia

Other Laboratories

Anatomy and physiology Lab

Computer Lab

Biochemistry and Microbiology Lab